Akvocirkulado (2017)

Akvocirkulado was co-commissioned by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Iceland Music Information Centre as a part of the YRKJA project in 2017-18, and premiered at Dark Music Days in 2018.

The title of the work, "Akvocirkulado", comes from Esperanto, meaning “water cycle”, thus referring to the continuous movement of water on our planet: from the ocean it evaporates to the atmosphere, then rains back to the ground, and eventually flows down the streams and rivers, back to the ocean. – This is the process that I try to depict in the music.


  1. Dark Music Days 2018 - YRKJA
    January 26, 2018 at 12:00
    Norðurljós, Harpa, Reykjavík, Iceland
    Iceland Symphony Orchestra, cond. Daníel Bjarnason